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Visteon Pension Action Group
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MPs Debate Visteon in Parliament

A packed public gallery of Visteon Pensioners saw over 22 MPs from all parties discuss the collapse of the Visteon Pension Plan in the house of commons on Dec 12th. MPs unanimously backed a motion urging Ford to "recognise a duty of care to its former employees and should make good the pension losses suffered by those worst affected without the need for legal action".
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Watch the debate
webb-steve-2012Pensions minister Steve Webb is to meet representatives of Ford Motor Company to discuss the plight of ex-workers who transferred their pensions to Visteon.
He said: "The spirit of that meeting, Ford and I have agreed, will be one of constructive dialogue, but I thought the best way I could reflect the spirit of the debate today would be to relay in person to senior executives of Ford UK the tenor of our debate and the views of this house which I think uniquely have been spoken with one voice."
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MPs Stephen Metcalfe, Nick de Bois and Geraint Davies signing letter to Mulally

Mass Meetings

Claimants included in the legal action are invited to one of 3 regional meetings to hear details of a multi million pound settlement Unite have negotiated with Ford. The settlement will only be put to eligible claimants if the meetings indicate the offer is likely to receive a 95% acceptance.

The details of the meetings are as below. The meetings (and settlement) are only open to claimants to the legal action.

Swansea meeting --Tuesday 8th April, 7.30 pm, Railwaymens Club, Wind Street, Swansea. SA1 1EE
Basildon & Enfield meeting --- Thursday 10th April, 7.30 pm, Ford Sports & Social Club, Gardiners Close, Basildon. SS14 3AN
Belfast meeting -- Friday 11th April, 3.00 pm, Balmoral Hotel, Blacks Road, Belfast. BT10 0NF

Forthcoming Events
Watch the Video of our April 2 March click here


Welsh Assembly Debate

TheWelsh Asy vote went in favour of part 2 of the motion, and the Welsh government will now be committed to hold an inquiry into the economic impact of the Visteon pension crisis on Swansea. Watch the debate on TV hereBethan Jenkins, Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales West, who tabled the debate, said:

“It is timely that we are finally getting to debate this issue, not only because of the anniversary, and the impending court case. It is because as an Assembly we should have careful regard for the impact of anything of this kind upon local economies and upon local people". The debate will motion following points:
a) The adverse impact upon over 700 former Visteon workers living in Swansea and surrounding areas caused by the loss of their pensions
b) The knock-on effect to the economy of Swansea and surrounding areas caused by the loss of those Visteon pensions
c) That this year, on April the 2nd, marks the fifth anniversary of the closure of Visteon as a company and that a mass demonstration is being organised at Westminster
d) This year is an important year for the campaign, given that the court case that Unite the Union are taking against Ford will take place at the end of 2014 at the High Court in London.

The motion calls on the Welsh Government to hold an inquiry into the impact of the loss of pensions to both the Visteon workers and the economy of the area in which they live. Read the press release

Early Day Motion
Stephen Metcalfe has now launched a new EDM and has already achived nearly 30 MP signatures. In summary the EDM "calls on the Government to use the power and influence at its disposal to help ensure that Ford recognises its obligations and accepts voluntarily its duty of care to former Visteon UK pensioners" Read the full EDM here and see all the MPs signing here

Nick de Bois MP calls for Justice for Visteon Pensioners read his website
He writes "Ford must do what I and many people feel is morally right and support these people who gave Ford lifelong service and helped build what is an iconic motor company worthy of the positive reputation it has and who now find their pensions are worthless".

Welsh Assembly Letter to Ford
33 Welsh Assembly members have sent an open letter to Ford asking that they meet their morale obligations to their former employees. Read the full letter here

MPs Sign an Open Letter to Ford There are expected to be more that 30 MP signatures to a follow up letter to Alan Mulally asking him to have the courtesy to reply in person and address the issues raised in the first letter to him. You can read the letter here and the press release here



Our Cause

This site is for the 3000 ex employees of Visteon UK who still have funds in the Visteon UK Pension Fund. Whether your are a current pensioner, or you hold a deferred pension, we are fighting to ensure you get your full entitlement for the many years of hard and dedicated work at both Ford and Visteon as agreed in the European Works Council Agreement
Through this site we will update you regularly on the legal and moral evidence thats exists to support us win this fight. Many of us have well over 30 years loyal service with Ford Motor Company and have paid into the pension scheme, believing that as part of the "family" of Ford we could trust them to support us and our families throughout our retirement Sep 9, BBC news video clip
Around 1000 current pensioners have already had their pension reduced to PPF levels, which in some cases will mean a reduction in excess of 50% for the rest of their lives, despite assurances of mirrored terms and conditions and safeguards from Ford.
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Have Your Say

What our MPs are saying:

“I am supporting a group of my constituents for which the collapse of Visteon UK had a devastating effect on their pension, despite years of previous loyal service with Ford. I believe Ford has a moral duty to try and rectify the situation and to restore the losses people have suffered. Whilst commercially there may well have been a good argument to spin off Visteon, here in the UK there has been a real human cost to that action, for which I believe Ford is morally responsible.” Rebecca Harris - Member of Parliament for Castle point

“It is disgraceful what has happened to the pensioners at Visteon and I will continue to raise this issue with my colleagues and in the House of Commons. Ford must bow to the pressure put on them as they have a moral obligation towards Visteon due to the fact Visteon was Fords parts manufacturer.” The Rt Hon Simon Burns MP - Member of Parliament for Chelmsford.

'The plight of Visteon pensioners is one of the worst pension scandals that I have dealt with because Ford could easily deliver a solution.' The Rt Hon Peter Hain MP - Member of Parliament for Neath. Former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

“Christmas is generally a time of year when many people feel the pinch anyway, so for the former Ford/Visteon pensioners who are missing out on the money from pensions that were promised to them it is especially hard. The best Christmas present these former employees could receive is for Ford to recognise its duty of care to them and make good the pension losses suffered by those affected without the need for legal action. I've supported the Early Day Motion calling on the Government to put pressure on Ford and signed the follow-up letter to Ford CEO Alan Mulally and will continue to push for justice for former Visteon workers; Edmonton constituents amongst them.” Andy Love MP - Member of Parliament for Edmonton

'I spent 25 years running my own business having started it from scratch. The relationship I built up with employee’s was one of mutual trust and respect which I believe are also the values that the Ford Motor Company aspire too. However my constituents feel very let down by Ford because they sense that when it mattered, and after years of service to Ford and Visteon, the company left them stranded when it mattered most. I think the Ford management know what the right thing to do is, and I hope they will act soon to help their former employee’s.' Nick de Bois MP - Member of Parliament for Enfield North

'The best Christmas present that the Ford Motor Company could give to the Visteon Pensioners would be to accept their moral responsibility and to honour their former employees pension entitlements. Their failure to do so is a stain on the reputation of a great company and we will continue to press the case of the Pensioners until this injustice is put right.' John Whittingdale OBE MP Chairman, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Vice Chairman, Conservative 1922 Committee Member of Parliament for Maldon

“What has happened to Visteon Pensions is a grave injustice that came out of the way Ford spun off Visteon . That’s why it’s Ford that should put things right.” Martin Caton - Member of Parliament for Gower

“Ford made clear promises that they have failed to keep. They have squirmed and wriggled to avoid their clear responsibilities. It is time they did the right thing and honoured their commitments". Mike Freer - Member of Parliament for Finchley & Golders Green
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